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Child custody considerations for military parents

Taking a child custody issue through the courts is rarely an easy process. And for parents on active military service, custody and visitation can be especially challenging. It can sometimes feel as if military service puts a parent in an unfavorable position when it comes to getting custody, but both state and federal laws provide help for military parents.

3 approaches to alimony in Alabama

Payments made by one spouse to another after divorce goes by many names: alimony, spousal support, and spousal maintenance to name a few. Moreover, for as many names as this arrangement has, there are as many, or more, different ways it can apply in a given case. Today, we cover three types of alimony available in Alabama.

Alabama family law: What is a GAL?

In Alabama child custody disputes, parents might hear the acronym “GAL” and wonder not only what it means, but how it will impact their custody arrangement. “GAL” refers to Guardians ad Litem, representatives assigned to children in contested custody disputes to ensure their best interests are protected.

Thinking of moving? How it could impact your custody arrangement

Whether a move comes as a result of a new job or a desire for a new start, most of us would assume we are free to relocate where ever we please. However, parents who share custody or visitation need to think about how the move might impact the child custody agreement they are currently in with their ex.

What happens to my estate plan after a divorce?

Divorce impacts nearly every aspect of someone’s life, from their emotional health to their finances. One area that may not be at the front of someone’s mind is the impact of a divorce on their estate plan. Few among us would want our ex-spouse to inherit property in the same way we wished during the marriage. However, without updating estate planning documents, things might not work out the way you intended.

How to begin the military divorce process

In many ways, military divorce differs very little from civilian divorce. There are still many different issues to sort through, such as child custody, child support, and property division. However, the beginning of the process, choosing where to file for divorce, is more complicated for couples involved with the military.

Does work travel impact a custody case?

Some jobs call for more travel than others. If you’re all too familiar cramped airplane seats and one-bedroom hotel rooms, you know that traveling to new places doesn’t compare to the feeling of being home with your kids.

But, how can you plan a custody schedule when you’re never sure what your schedule will look like?

Can you divorce a spouse who walked out? What you need to know

In most cases, a couple that decides to divorce can do so by making it clear to a judge that there had been an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage. However, what happens when one spouse simply leaves and never comes back?

If someone walks out on their spouse, their partner still has options for divorce. Alabama also allows divorce on the grounds of “abandonment,” which has a specific legal definition for divorce. Below, we outline the requirements for divorce based on abandonment.

Do grandparents in Alabama have visitation rights?

A grandparent can occupy a very special place in a child’s life. They might act as a caregiver, a teacher, and a support system. In some cases, a child’s parents may not be able to provide a safe and happy environment for their child. When that happens, a grandparent can find themselves in a complex position. They hate to see their child struggle, but they worry about the impact the situation will have on their grandchild.

Is there anything a grandparent in Alabama can do?

Dividing digital assets in divorce

It is often easy to see how division of tangible assets will work out in a divorce. Furniture pieces can go to separate homes, the house sold, and the vinyl record collection negotiated for. Digital property, on the other hand, presents more of a challenge. What will happen to a shared Amazon movie collection, or your joint iTunes account?

As the rules regarding these assets continue to develop, here is what couples in Alabama considering divorce should know:

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