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February 2018 Archives

Mediation may help children cope with divorce

Divorce mediation is an option that tends to alleviate the high amounts of strife and legal contention associated with divorce. When parents divorce amicably, it often helps children make a more healthy transition into their new life. Mediation is an alternative approach to ending marital ties that focuses on reaching mutual agreements with the help of a neutral third party.

Child custody and military divorce can be difficult

You are a proud member of our nation's armed forces. Your service, though, put a strain on your relationship, and now you are getting a divorce. There are a lot of aspects about military divorce -- whether you go through it in Alabama or elsewhere -- that can be difficult to resolve. The hardest for couples with children tends to be trying to figure out custody arrangements.

Navigating child support after a military divorce

A military divorce is a process that’s in many ways unique from its civilian counterpart. As a service member is not an average citizen, the terms need to be tailored to the challenges of military life for all those involved. For families that find themselves dealing with the aftermath of a military divorce, the issue of child support is also, in some ways, distinct from civilian guidelines.

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