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Child custody and military divorce can be difficult

You are a proud member of our nation's armed forces. Your service, though, put a strain on your relationship, and now you are getting a divorce. There are a lot of aspects about military divorce -- whether you go through it in Alabama or elsewhere -- that can be difficult to resolve. The hardest for couples with children tends to be trying to figure out custody arrangements.

No one wants to believe his or her military service will affect any final custody agreements, but it can. If you are frequently being deployed or moved, the court may not believe that a shared custody arrangement is realistic. Is that fair, though?

At the end of the day, the final custody arrangement will be one that the court believes serves the best interests of the affected children. It may be a joint or sole arrangement. The court will look at a number of factors before issuing its final decision. Those parents who are military service members and who disagree with a court's findings may file an appeal. Further, if one's circumstances change down the line, it is always possible to seek a custody modification.

It is possible to be a proud service member and an involved parent. Sometimes, parents in this position have to fight harder to get time with their children, and that is okay. The situation is not hopeless. With help, it is possible to achieve a custody agreement that is fair for both parents and serves the best interests of the affected children. To learn more about this and other military divorce issues that affect parents in Alabama, please take a minute and visit our firm's website.

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