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Mediation may help children cope with divorce

Divorce mediation is an option that tends to alleviate the high amounts of strife and legal contention associated with divorce. When parents divorce amicably, it often helps children make a more healthy transition into their new life. Mediation is an alternative approach to ending marital ties that focuses on reaching mutual agreements with the help of a neutral third party.

Arguments over child custody, parenting plans, property division and other related matters can cause a lengthy divorce when fought in court. Often, divorcing couples are seeking solutions to expedite the divorce and move on. It’s important that when parents reach an agreement to end their relationship, they show unity in this decision making for the children.

Children’s best interests in and outside of court

The best interest of the child is not only something that the court uses to make its decisions in family law cases. Ideally, families also take this into account at home. Choosing mediation in the divorce process allows parents to reach shared agreements with the children’s interests in mind.

Splitting up a home often leaves children confused and afraid of the major changes taking place. It takes mutual reassurance by both parents to offer as much security as possible amidst the insecurity felt by a child, which is why a more amicable divorce is important.

Be intentional about forming a new “normal”

Divorce mediation helps parents come to terms with what changes will take place before informing children of the details. It helps to have a solid plan when approaching children with the coming changes. Discussions are likely to lead to many questions by children regarding how their lives will change. After a custody agreement is reached, try to be as consistent as possible with it to reinforce a sense of stability and support.

Divorce instigates long-lasting changes for everyone involved. These changes are not always easy to handle, but there are many resources to help families make healthy adjustments. Consider divorce mediation as you dissolve your marital bond and work to preserve parental bonds with your children.

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