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March 2018 Archives

Who gets the dog in divorce?

When ending one's marriage, deciding who gets to keep certain pieces of property -- such as furniture or kitchenware -- may be pretty easy to do. Deciding who gets to keep the family dog in divorce, though, may cause a lot of issues. When it really comes down to it, the state of Alabama views pets as property, so if a couple cannot agree on what to do, the court will just award the dog to either party with no real thought on the matter.

Taking the right steps to divorce can save time and money

When ending one's marriage, a quick DIY filing, done over the internet, may seem a dream come true. Or going it alone and flying by the seat of one's pants through the process may seem better than worrying too much about it. The goal is to just get is done, right? While anyone in Alabama who is going through the divorce process just wants to get it over with as soon as possible, going about it the right way can save time and money.

Joint child custody -- there's more than one way to do it

Divorcing couples in Alabama who have children to think about have a lot of choices to make that will affect them and the lives of their kids now and down the road. Those who wish to pursue joint child custody may find that figuring out a parenting plan that will work and will be best for the children is not an easy task. Thankfully, when it comes to joint custody arrangements, there is more than one way to do it.

Is divorce in your genes?

Much like eye color, a recent international study found a possible link between genetics and happily ever after. The transmission of traits from parents to offspring can have a significant impact on whether we stay married or call it quits. While there is no one gene that indicates a higher probability that you are destined for divorce, there is an overall measure of genetic family risk.

Divorce and the 401k

A good number of Alabama residents have 401(k) retirement accounts through their employers. They have the opportunity to put money in every year, and sometimes they are lucky enough to have their employers match contributions up to a certain amount. These accounts can gain value rapidly, making them a significant asset for the account holder. If the account holder is married, it is an asset that may be considered to partly belong to his or her spouse as well -- meaning it is subject to division in divorce.

Thinking divorce? Think digital assets

When ending your marriage, there are so many things to think about, it may be easy to overlook some things that are actually really important. For instance, digital assets -- such as Bitcoin. More people in Alabama and elsewhere are adding cryptocurrency to their portfolios -- you may be one of them. If you have, you cannot forget to include it in your asset list when going through the divorce process.

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