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How is a military divorce different?

The military lifestyle can be extremely tough on a couple. There is added stress there with which couples in civilian relationships just don't have to deal. This is why numerous military members in Alabama and elsewhere end up getting divorced. How is a military divorce different than a civilian one?

When it comes down to procedure, military divorce is no different than civilian divorce. One party has to file. The other has to answer. A settlement agreement regarding property, benefits, child custody -- if applicable -- and financial support has to be worked out.

A military divorce can be completed relatively fast, or it can take a while. One reason it may take longer than a traditional divorce is deployment. If one spouse is away on duty, he or she will not have the time to immerse him or herself in divorce proceedings. It may have to wait until the deployment is over, and that is okay.

Aside from the divorce timeline possibly being a little different, pension division and benefits are likely to be affected. When it comes to military pension, the non-military spouse may collect, but how much and how it is paid out will be determined by the length of the marriage and the military member's time served. It may also be possible for the non-military spouse to keep health insurance and base benefits if they meet what is called the 20/20/20 rule.

Military divorce is different because settlements don't all come down to equitable distribution. There are military rules that will have a direct effect on the final dissolution agreement. Having an Alabama-based attorney with experience handling military divorce cases on one's side will prove invaluable when it comes to being able to walk away from the marriage with a fair and balanced agreement.

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