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July 2018 Archives

Making visitation work after a military divorce

Alabama has its fair share of residents who are service members in various branches of the armed forces. This means that they tend to spend a great deal of time away from their families for their jobs. When these individuals' marriages fall apart, some aspects of the divorce can be more challenging to figure out than they are for civilians. An attorney with experience handling military divorce would be good to have on one's side while working through the dissolution process.

What people facing divorce want their married friends to know

It's heart-wrenching when a couple splits up. The sadness and grief may be compounded when Alabama couples heading for divorce also find that they may be divorcing some of their long-time friends as well. Many married couples don't know how to handle it when they've been friends with a couple for years and then that couple is no longer a couple.

What can divorce mediation accomplish?

Alabama residents who are preparing to end their marriages are likely spending time looking at all of their options. After all, there is more than one way to go about the divorce process. One divorce option some individuals would like to know more about is mediation.

4 Custody myths, debunked

If you’re facing custody proceedings with your ex-spouse, it’s time these child custody myths are set straight. Custody matters are often complex and emotionally charged. The last thing you want during this time is to overlook an important detail of your arrangement because of a popular misconception.

How does child custody work if one parent needs to relocate?

As part of your divorce agreement, you and your ex were both granted joint custody of your children. It is an arrangement that has been working out well until now. Now, one of you has to move, either for work, a new relationship or family support. This move is not an across-town move -- it is a move that will take one of you too far from your children to have regular access to them. How does child custody work when one parent needs to relocate across the state or out of Alabama entirely?

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