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Making visitation work after a military divorce

Alabama has its fair share of residents who are service members in various branches of the armed forces. This means that they tend to spend a great deal of time away from their families for their jobs. When these individuals' marriages fall apart, some aspects of the divorce can be more challenging to figure out than they are for civilians. An attorney with experience handling military divorce would be good to have on one's side while working through the dissolution process.

One aspect of military divorce that proves difficult to figure out is child visitation. Because of the nature of a military member's job, the other parent may receive primary custody of the couple's children, with the service member being granted visitation time. The terms of the visitation schedule must be included in the final custody agreement. These terms can be highly detailed or they can be listed as unstructured -- which is just another term for flexible. Every family has different needs, so the terms will be set in a way that takes those needs into account.

If a service member is relocated or deployed, obviously there will be a need for a visitation adjustment. As weekly visitation will no longer be an option, the visitation can go to another family member, virtual visitation may be instituted or make-up visitation time may be scheduled. It all depends on what would best serve the interests of the children.

Making visitation work after a military divorce can certainly be a challenge. The courts do understand that military families experience hardships that Alabama's civilian residents do not. Creating and modifying visitation schedules that work for these families is possible, with the assistance of legal counsel.

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