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August 2018 Archives

Divorce affects how many couples on average?

There are a number of decisions in life that require much thought and contemplation before pulling the trigger. Ending one's marriage is one of those decisions. Every year, quite a few couples in Alabama and across the country do decide to divorce, but it is far fewer than previously thought.

You can have an attorney when going through divorce mediation

If you and your spouse are ready to end your marriage and have decided mediation is the way you want to go about finalizing your dissolution, you may think that means you will be passing on an attorney. The truth is, you can have an attorney on your side when going through the divorce mediation process in Alabama. You can choose your legal counsel's level of involvement in the matter.

How divorce may affect saving for retirement

Alabama residents who are considering ending their marriages know that doing so will likely cause them to take a hard financial hit. This can make saving for retirement post-divorce pretty difficult. The law changes regarding alimony will not prove beneficial for some individuals' retirement savings goals.

Is it time for a divorce?

There comes a point in many marriages when one of the couple may wonder, “is it time to get a divorce?” Thinking about getting a divorce can bring up many emotions, and it can be hard to decide whether it is right for you or not. Divorce does not need to be messy and emotional, either. Many couples pursue an amicable and healthy split.

Need to modify your child custody agreement?

Whether you are divorced or separated, if you have children that you share with an ex, you know that figuring out parenting time can be a real bear. You likely have a child custody plan in place, but lately you may be finding that it is not really working out for you. Maybe your schedule or that of your ex has changed, maybe your children are expressing the desire to spend more time with you or your ex or maybe you have just decided the agreement simply isn't meeting the needs of your family the way you hoped it would when your first agreed to it. If you feel a custody modification is necessary, you may be able to get one by either working out a new plan with your ex or filing the appropriate request in an Alabama family court.

Are there winners and losers in divorce?

A recently published article says that nobody -- whether they reside in Alabama or elsewhere -- comes out of the dissolution of marriage process a winner. Is that really true? Do both parties lose in a divorce? At the end of it all, it comes down to one's attitude about the process and the final settlement.

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