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Are there winners and losers in divorce?

A recently published article says that nobody -- whether they reside in Alabama or elsewhere -- comes out of the dissolution of marriage process a winner. Is that really true? Do both parties lose in a divorce? At the end of it all, it comes down to one's attitude about the process and the final settlement.

Why do some people believe that there is no winning in divorce? The author of the article says that if one were to ask 100 divorced couples who got the better deal, they would likely all say their exes did, but why? Splitting assets can take a toll on one's life. It can cause financial hardship that can make anyone feel like a loser.

Is there any way to avoid feeling like one lost at divorce? Yes, it all comes down to one's preparation for divorce and attitude about the process and final settlement. Knowing what one wants to get out of the divorce can help during negotiations. Knowing when something is not worth fighting for can also prove helpful. Accepting what one gets and deciding to take it and move on can allow a person to move forward rather than focusing on the past.

So, are there winners and losers in divorce? Only if one wants to view him or herself as one or the other. At the end of the day, Alabama residents who are ending their marriages can work with an experienced family law attorney who will work diligently to help them achieve divorce settlements with which they can feel satisfied.

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