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September 2018 Archives

Money and divorce -- beyond dividing assets

When thinking about ending one's marriage, dividing assets is often a top concern. It is normal to want a divorce settlement that has a fair division of assets for both parties. However, Alabama residents may want to be concerned about money well before they officially submit their divorce petitions.

When it comes to child custody, do the child's wishes matter?

Divorce when a couple has children can be particularly challenging to negotiate. There is a need to make sure the children's best interests are considered, but what if children have their own ideas about what they think is best for them? In Alabama, does a child's wishes regarding child custody matter to the court?

Social media can complicate the divorce process

Numerous Alabama residents have one or more social media accounts. They use them to post about their lives and keep up with what is going on in the lives of their friends and family. Some even use them to meet new people. Social media can be a great communication tool, but it can also cause a lot of unneeded stress, particularly if one is getting a divorce.

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