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October 2018 Archives

When child custody cases end up in court

When going through the divorce process, there are some issues that couples may not be able to resolve in the negotiations process. When this happens, the courts have to get involved. When it comes to child custody issues, if the courts get involved, how parents in Alabama present themselves to a judge will affect their case outcomes.

Are you financially prepared for divorce?

No one expects their marriage to end -- often, it just happens. Before it does, one needs to ask if he or she is financially ready for divorce. Alabama residents who have failed to plan ahead or who have not taken an interest in marital finances may find that they are not prepared for what may come.

Money plays a central role in marriage and in divorce

For those in Alabama who are considering bringing their marriage to a close, financial matters will likely be an important consideration. Having the ability to move forward with a degree of financial security is important. In fact, many social science and divorce experts believe that money not only plays a big role within a couple's marriage, but also in their decision to divorce

Using a private judge for divorce: The Jennifer Garner case

The dissolution of marriage between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has been widely publicized for several years now. For various reasons, it has taken the former couple time to figure out how to split their sizable fortune and determine the best custody plan for their children. Jennifer recently asked to have their divorce case heard in front of a private judge in order to speed up the process. This is something Alabama residents may do as well -- it is not something reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

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