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Money plays a central role in marriage and in divorce

For those in Alabama who are considering bringing their marriage to a close, financial matters will likely be an important consideration. Having the ability to move forward with a degree of financial security is important. In fact, many social science and divorce experts believe that money not only plays a big role within a couple's marriage, but also in their decision to divorce

Statistics show that fewer couples file for divorce in times of economic hardship. When there isn't enough money to cover living expenses and debt, it can be hard to envision taking those funds and stretching them to cover expenses for two separate households. During times of financial strength, many spouses see opportunities that are simply not there during the hard times. 

What the statistics don't show is how finances factor into the more emotional side of divorce. Absent adultery or some other highly charged event, couples who choose to divorce when the family is in a good financial place might be able to move through the end of their marriage with ease. Having more assets to divide means that both parties can walk away with enough to structure their new lives. Of course, each individual divorce is unique, and there are always additional factors that shape how the process will play out. 

For those in Alabama who are thinking about filing for divorce, understanding the role that finances will play is important. Sitting down with a family law attorney is a great place to start, and can give an individual an idea of what to expect in terms spousal support, child support and property division. Having that information in hand can make it easier to envision the future. 

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