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November 2018 Archives

Getting through a military divorce

Joining the armed forces or marrying someone who has is an honorable thing. Military life is hard, particularly on families. Sadly, many service members' marriages end in divorce. Alabama residents who are looking at a military divorce may need help getting through it. Not all attorneys are familiar with the differences between a military and civilian divorce, though. 

Should nesting be included in your child custody plan?

When a divorcing couple has children, figuring out custody can be a real bear. The standard child custody agreement involves children being shuffled back and forth between parents. For Alabama residents who think that would be too difficult on their children, nesting might be the answer.

Wonder if divorce mediation is a good fit for you?

More people in Alabama who are considering ending their marriages are looking at alternatives to the marriage dissolution process. Going to court does not seem all that appealing to a lot of couples. Divorce mediation may be a good fit for those individuals who want to avoid litigation.

Child custody: Dads still feel they are not treated fairly

Despite the nationwide push to offer mothers and fathers equal access to their children, many fathers still feel that they are not being treated fairly. There is evidence suggesting that joint child custody agreements better serve children, yet in 80 percent of custodial cases, it is still mothers who hold primary custody. What can fathers in Alabama do if they feel they are not being treated fairly by the system?

Divorce: Selling the house and the tax issues that come with it

Many Alabama residents who are filing to end their marriages this year or in the coming year are homeowners. This may be one of the most substantial assets that they have. It may also be something both parties wish to hang onto and continue living in during or after the divorce, at least for right now. When they do eventually sell, which party will reap the tax benefits that will allow them the ability to maintain the profits on the sale?

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