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Child custody: Dads still feel they are not treated fairly

Despite the nationwide push to offer mothers and fathers equal access to their children, many fathers still feel that they are not being treated fairly. There is evidence suggesting that joint child custody agreements better serve children, yet in 80 percent of custodial cases, it is still mothers who hold primary custody. What can fathers in Alabama do if they feel they are not being treated fairly by the system?

Child custody is often a contentious topic between parents. It is sometimes hard to agree on what is best for one's children. When parents cannot come to agreeable custody terms, they turn to the court to decide. Courts in Alabama do try to grant shared custody when it is appropriate, but many fathers feel that the system is letting them down.

Some fathers fail to receive shared custody due to their schedules. Some lose their shared custody due to their inability to pay child support. Others fail to gain shared custody due to lack of paternity establishment. Finally, some may not get the custody agreement they desire due to false accusations of violence of abuse.

When a father wants the opportunity to be a dad, unless there is a valid reason to deny such a request, he should get the opportunity. Those individuals in Alabama who are struggling with child custody issues can turn to legal counsel for assistance. Seeking a fair custody order is a matter of negotiating an agreement outside of court or litigating the matter in front of a judge. Neither route may prove easy, but it is possible to reach an agreeable solution.

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