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Getting through a military divorce

Joining the armed forces or marrying someone who has is an honorable thing. Military life is hard, particularly on families. Sadly, many service members' marriages end in divorce. Alabama residents who are looking at a military divorce may need help getting through it. Not all attorneys are familiar with the differences between a military and civilian divorce, though. 

How are military and civilian divorces different? The truth is, a lot of it is the same. There will still be a need to figure out how property is to be divided. If a couple has children, there will still be a need to figure out child custody issues. Where military divorce differs from civilian divorce really comes down to benefits, pension and location.

Former spouses of military members may get to keep some of their military benefits -- depending on how long the marriage lasted. Some may also be entitled to a portion of their former spouse's military pension. Again, it all comes down to the length of the marriage. When it comes to getting through the divorce process, deployments and relocations can drag it out and affect certain aspects of the settlement.

The challenges associated with a military divorce cannot be understated. Having legal counsel with experience in the military and handling military divorce cases can prove extremely valuable to one's case. With the right help in one's corner, whether one is a service member currently residing in Alabama or the current spouse of one, it is possible to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible while at the same time achieving a fair and balanced settlement.

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