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Should nesting be included in your child custody plan?

When a divorcing couple has children, figuring out custody can be a real bear. The standard child custody agreement involves children being shuffled back and forth between parents. For Alabama residents who think that would be too difficult on their children, nesting might be the answer.

Parents who choose to include nesting in their child custody plans choose to let their children remain in the marital home while they take turns living with them. The parent who is not in the home with the children will live elsewhere until it is his or her turn to have time with the kids. This leaves the children in a familiar environment so too many changes are not all happening at once.

Some experts warn that there are some downsides to nesting. It can be difficult to maintain long term as it can affect each parent's ability to move on in their own personal lives. It can also be somewhat confusing to children. Some kids will experience anxiety waiting for another big change to occur. Some kids will think that such a living arrangement means their parents are going to get back together.

Nesting can work if both parents are willing to put in the effort to make it work. Is it a long-term solution? It depends on how each couple is able to approach it. Alabama residents who think nesting is worth including in their child custody plans can speak to legal counsel about it in order to determine if it is something worth trying -- even if only temporarily.

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