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Living together during the divorce process

Due to economic concerns, many divorcing couples in Alabama and elsewhere continue to live together during the dissolution process. Some even continue living together for a little bit after divorce. While this type of living situation certainly does not make moving on in life easy, it is possible to survive it if the right ground rules are set.

The first thing a divorcing couple may want to do is establish personal space within the home. Each person should have at least one room that they can call their own. This will serve as their sanctuary of sorts.

Another thing they may want to do is create a daily plan. If children are in the home, which parent will help them in the morning and who will be with them at night? Develop a schedule that will limit contact with each other.

Next, discuss finances. Continuing to have shared expenses can create some problems if a plan is not in place for who is responsible for what and how bills are going to get paid. It is also good to create personal financial plans so that each party can work toward moving out and moving on sooner rather than later.

Finally, find a good way to discuss problems. Some divorcing or divorced couples can talk about things with no problem. Others cannot. They may need to find other ways to communicate -- such as through email or text.

Living together during or after divorce can prove challenging for a number of Alabama residents, but creating a plan that each party agrees to and abides by can make it easier with which to deal. If desired, legal counsel can help one create an agreement that lays out all the ground rules for living together. This can be used until the divorce is complete or it can remain in place after the dissolution is finalized.

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