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Joint custody often a problem in military divorce

There are quite a few Alabama residents who are members of the armed forces. They put their lives on the line to protect the country, and sometimes, their family lives suffer from their service. Numerous military service members end up getting divorced. For those who have children, the want of joint custody may be an issue in military divorce.

Ways to make joint child custody easier to manage

Having negative feelings toward one's ex is common after divorce. These feelings can make managing a joint child custody arrangement somewhat difficult. Here are some things Alabama residents who have this type of custody plan in place can do to make it work for everyone involved.

When a divorce settlement cannot be reached

Ending a marriage can take time and it may take some help. Reaching a divorce settlement through the negotiations process is not always possible. Alabama residents who struggle to end their marriages by working out divorce terms on their own or with just the assistance of legal counsel may need a judge to issue a final ruling on the matter. This is called a contested divorce.

What should I do if I think my spouse is hiding assets?

Hiding assets during a divorce is unethical and illegal. Yet, if your spouse is used to handling the family’s finances on his or her own, this could happen without you even noticing. If hidden assets go undiscovered, you could end up receiving less than you deserve when the marital assets are divided, and your spouse could be paying less in alimony or child support than he or she otherwise would have to pay. If you think your spouse may be hiding assets, one of the best things you can do for yourself is familiarize yourself with your family’s financial information.

Is child support treated differently in a military divorce?

Child support is often a contentious topic in divorce. Parents know that they need to continue supporting their children when the marriage ends, but figuring out who is responsible for how much is to be paid and how support is to be paid can be a struggle. Alabama residents who serve or have spouses who serve in the military may wonder if child support is treated differently in military divorce cases, as some things are. The truth is, it does differ slightly, but not in the way one would think.

Alabama divorce: When it is probably time to pull the plug

When a marriage is in trouble, a couple has two choices: work to make it better or end the relationship. Most Alabama residents are not quick to pull the plug, and this is okay -- no one should rush into a divorce. However, experts agree that when one particular sign is present in a marriage, it means it is probably time to end things.

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