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Is child support treated differently in a military divorce?

Child support is often a contentious topic in divorce. Parents know that they need to continue supporting their children when the marriage ends, but figuring out who is responsible for how much is to be paid and how support is to be paid can be a struggle. Alabama residents who serve or have spouses who serve in the military may wonder if child support is treated differently in military divorce cases, as some things are. The truth is, it does differ slightly, but not in the way one would think.

At the end of the day, child support is child support. The military does not set the amount a service member will need to provide -- the state does. It is still based on the income levels of both parties. Payments can be taken directly from a service member's paycheck and sent to the receiving parent. The same method of payment is typically used in civilian divorces.

Where child support differs in a military divorce has to do with enforcement. In a civilian divorce, if the parent ordered to pay child support is not meeting his or her obligation, there are enforcement options the state can utilize to get them to pay up. These options are also open to military members or their former spouses. The exes of military members also have the ability to inform their former spouse's commanding officers of the lack of payment. In going this route, the service member may face disciplinary action and can even lose his or her place within the military, and knowing this could happen is usually enough to keep a military member current on his or her support obligation.

A military divorce can be a messy affair. There are ways that these cases are different from civilian divorce cases and ways that they are pretty much the same. Alabama residents who need assistance through a military divorce can turn to legal counsel with experience handling such cases so they can walk away with fair and balanced divorce settlements.

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