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February 2019 Archives

Is there anything I should do before filing for divorce?

When ready to get out of one's marriage, it can be tempting to rush into the process. Doing so, though, may be a mistake. Going in unprepared can have some significant consequences to one's final settlement and financial position post-divorce. Alabama residents who are considering ending their marriages may want to take care of these things first before filing divorce papers.

Divorce child support guidelines exist, but support is negotiable

When a couple with children divorces, both parties are to financially support their children. Generally, one parent pays the other a certain amount on a monthly basis as part of the divorce settlement. The amount paid is determined by utilizing the state of Alabama's child support formula. This formula really only offers a base amount. Those who feel that more or less support is justified can take the steps to achieve a support amount that they feel fits their family's needs.

If I file today, when will my divorce be final?

If you are ready to end your marriage, you likely want out right away. Unfortunately, the divorce process takes time. If you file today, your divorce will not be finalized today. How long might it take for a dissolution of marriage petition to be approved in the state of Alabama?

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