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Child custody, who decides how it will work out?

No one plans for their marriage to end in divorce. It is something that just happens after a relationship has run its course. There is certainly nothing wrong with two people wanting something better for themselves, but figuring out how the split will work out can be difficult, particularly if there are children involved. When it comes to child custody, in the state of Alabama, who gets to set the terms?

All child custody cases will be settled in one of two ways. Either the couple will work out a custody agreement through the negotiations process, with the assistance of legal counsel, or they will require a judge to set the terms. Going to court for child custody matters is really a last-resort option, but it is there and available if parents honestly cannot reach agreeable terms.

Parents setting the terms, which can be reached through negotiation or mediation, is always preferred. Why? Parents who ultimately set the terms are usually happier with the end result, as are the children. Parents know their families, they know what needs exist, and they are in the best position to decide what will and will not work in the long run.

Creating a child custody plan is not the easiest thing to do. It is something with which many divorcing couples in Alabama struggle. Thankfully, child custody matters are not something that one has to figure out alone. With the assistance of legal counsel, it is possible to fight for custody terms that one believes will best benefit his or her family.

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