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Divorce and court do not always go hand in hand

Alabama residents who are ready to leave their marriages may feel that going to court to do so is inevitable. The truth is, it is not. Divorce and court do not always go hand in hand. There may be a better way to go about the process. Mediation, for example, is a great option for anyone who wishes to avoid a trial.

Mediation is, in short, a negotiations process that involves both spouses, their attorneys and a mediator. Attorneys may be present during negotiations or consulted before either party officially agrees to anything. This is a rather informal process that takes place is a neutral setting. The goal is to get a couple talking about what they want out of the divorce so they can come to settlement terms that truly fit their family's needs.

A few benefits of meditation are that it typically costs less than litigation, takes less time to complete the divorce and that it offers privacy protections not seen when a case goes to trial. The main disadvantage of mediation is that it lacks an appeals process. This means one really needs to do his or her homework before agreeing to anything in order to make sure all settlement terms are fair and balanced. Those couples who cannot come to agreeable terms can choose to end mediation and move to litigation; however, most couples do find mediation very effective.

Mediation is not for everyone and it is not a perfect process. However, for those who are ready and willing to negotiate the terms of their divorce, it may be a great fit. Alabama residents who would like to learn more about it can turn to a family law attorney with experience utilizing this process.

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