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April 2019 Archives

Three things to know about property division in divorce

Property division is right up there with child custody when it comes to contentious divorce issues. Many people are afraid of losing valuable assets, or how they will adjust to a new lifestyle. Will you have to leave your home? What happens to your debt? These are important questions, and uncertainty about the future only adds to the stress of divorce.

How parental alienation can affect child custody

Every year, there are numerous Alabama residents who file for divorce or separation. Some are able to make it through either of these processes in a relatively peaceful manner and even maintain civil relationships after the fact -- which is important when a couple shares custody of their children. Unfortunately, there are those whose divorce or separation experiences are far from civil and children end up being used as pawns. Depending on the actions of either spouse, child custody terms may be affected.

There is more than one way to divorce -- which is right for you?

When preparing to end one's marriage, figuring out the best way to do it can be a challenge. Not everyone wants to go to court, not everyone feels the need for attorney assistance, and not everyone will benefit from alternative dispute resolution methods. That is why Alabama residents have a number of options available to them, so they can divorce how they want to.

In some cases, divorce can get messy really quick

No one gets married with a plan to get divorced down the line. Relationships end for a number of reasons and sometimes divorce is just the best way for each party to pick up and move on. Some Alabama residents are able to make it through the dissolution process relatively fast and with little drama. Others, though, will find that divorce can get messy really quick.

JAG is no use in a military divorce

Military members who need legal counsel for a number of issues often turn to their Judge Advocate General's department for assistance. While the lawyers in this office can assist with a lot, divorce is not something that they handle. Some aspects of military divorce can be more complicated than what civilians have to deal with. As such, Alabama residents who are members of the armed forces or their spouses and have interest in ending their marriages can help themselves by seeking legal counsel who has experience tackling military divorce cases.

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