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How parental alienation can affect child custody

Every year, there are numerous Alabama residents who file for divorce or separation. Some are able to make it through either of these processes in a relatively peaceful manner and even maintain civil relationships after the fact -- which is important when a couple shares custody of their children. Unfortunately, there are those whose divorce or separation experiences are far from civil and children end up being used as pawns. Depending on the actions of either spouse, child custody terms may be affected.

Parental alienation is commonly seen in divorce cases that are contested and ugly. This is where one parent purposely engages in behaviors that affect their children's relationships with their other parent. For example, if joint custody is awarded, one party may find ways to block the other party's time with the kids. On top of refusing to allow this individual access to the children, the alienating parent will also tell the children that their other parent does not want to see them or a number of other lies or negative things in an effort to make the kids hate or resent their other parent.

According to psychologists, those who engage in parental alienation typically have what they call borderline personality disorder or at least borderline tendencies. People with these tendencies are hyperemotional and their intense emotions are often expressed in the form of anger. They do not consider how their actions affect their kids. They only think about what they can do to hurt their former spouses.

Some victims of parental alienation feel that there is little they can do to fight a former spouse who engages in this behavior. The truth is, there are things that they can do. Alabama residents who are victims of parental alienation can turn to legal counsel who will be able to help them seek to enforce the child custody order as currently written or seek to have it modified in their favor. It may be possible to also have the offending party held in contempt of court which may have a number of serious consequences.

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