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In some cases, divorce can get messy really quick

No one gets married with a plan to get divorced down the line. Relationships end for a number of reasons and sometimes divorce is just the best way for each party to pick up and move on. Some Alabama residents are able to make it through the dissolution process relatively fast and with little drama. Others, though, will find that divorce can get messy really quick.

Recently, a lawyer who has practiced family law on the East Coast for over two decades shared a story about the craziest divorce case she has ever encountered. In the end, it all worked out for her client, but getting to that point was quite the roller coaster. It all started with a wife seeking a protective order against her husband due to alleged stalking and emotional abuse.

While she was seeking the protective order, the husband was essentially kicked out of the couple's shared home for two weeks. When he returned, he found that his wife had practically emptied the house of their belongings and moved elsewhere. He filed for divorce soon after.

Throughout the divorce proceedings, his wife told stories of him having an affair and taking money out of her personal bank account. She fought about shared custody and demanded alimony for all that she had been through. Through investigative work, it was determined that her stories were far from truthful, and a judge sided with the husband -- granting him more than half of the remaining marital assets, rejecting her alimony request and ordering her to pay a portion of his legal fees. She appealed, of course, and the matter was later settled out of court.

What can be learned here? When getting a divorce, being honest is important. The truth will almost always come out in the end.

Divorce can get messy. It does not have to, though, if a couple is willing to openly communicate and negotiate dissolution terms. If that is not possible, legal counsel can assist Alabama residents litigate their divorces in court in an effort to seek final judgments that work to their benefit.

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