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JAG is no use in a military divorce

Military members who need legal counsel for a number of issues often turn to their Judge Advocate General's department for assistance. While the lawyers in this office can assist with a lot, divorce is not something that they handle. Some aspects of military divorce can be more complicated than what civilians have to deal with. As such, Alabama residents who are members of the armed forces or their spouses and have interest in ending their marriages can help themselves by seeking legal counsel who has experience tackling military divorce cases.

Military divorce is still a civil matter that should be handled privately. Commanding officers cannot help one through the divorce process, nor can one's boss make sure the whole thing is resolved swiftly and without issue. The only thing commanding officers can do is make sure military protocol is being followed. For example, if a couple is currently residing in base housing and they separate, the nonmilitary member will have so many days to vacate base housing, as it is only paid for by the government if a military member is residing there. In other words, one's commanding officer can make sure military resources are being used as intended.

The process of dissolving a marriage can be messy regardless of one's military status. Military members or their spouses just may have more issues when it comes to figuring out how assets should be divided, how child custody will work -- if applicable -- and what type of support is available to nonservice member spouses. Service members may find gaining fair custody of children difficult due to their unpredictable schedules. Spouses of   service members may struggle to understand what rights they have to military benefits and pension. Legal counsel can explain everything in detail, which can help one fight for fair divorce terms.

Military divorce can be challenging to get through. With the right help, it is possible to get through it as quickly as possible all while achieving a fair and balanced settlement. Alabama residents who are preparing to start the military divorce process can certainly help themselves by turning an attorney with experience handling such matters.

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