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There is more than one way to divorce -- which is right for you?

When preparing to end one's marriage, figuring out the best way to do it can be a challenge. Not everyone wants to go to court, not everyone feels the need for attorney assistance, and not everyone will benefit from alternative dispute resolution methods. That is why Alabama residents have a number of options available to them, so they can divorce how they want to.

The first divorce option is the traditional lawyer-assisted settlement. This is where both parties each retain legal counsel, whose job it will be to negotiate a fair settlement. Going this route limits contact between spouses and can ensure the final settlement terms are not only fair but are also in line with state laws.

The second dissolution option is alternative dispute resolution. Mediation and collaborative divorce options are gaining ground in popularity. Both allow couples to keep their divorce proceedings out of court, private and relatively peaceful.

The third option is a do-it-yourself divorce. It is easy to hop online and fill out basic divorce papers and file them in court. Just because it is easy and usually fairly inexpensive does not mean it is the best option. For the best settlement terms, it is wise to have legal counsel review any proposed terms before signing anything.

The fourth divorce option is litigation. There are some couples who cannot come to agreeable terms through the negotiations process. When that happens, getting a judge to intervene may be necessary. If a divorce case goes to court, it can get ugly and expensive. This is really only used as a last resort if all else fails.

Divorce options exist because every couple is different. What works for some will not work for others. An experienced divorce law attorney can provide information and guidance to Alabama residents who would like to learn more about the dissolution options open to them.

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