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May 2019 Archives

Dividing digital assets in divorce

It is often easy to see how division of tangible assets will work out in a divorce. Furniture pieces can go to separate homes, the house sold, and the vinyl record collection negotiated for. Digital property, on the other hand, presents more of a challenge. What will happen to a shared Amazon movie collection, or your joint iTunes account?

What parents can do when the other party violates a custody order

In a previous post, we discussed some of the ways a parent might violate an existing custody or visitation order. Whether someone blatantly acts against the order, ignores attempts to communicate, or is consistently late dropping the child off, they are not following the custody arrangement.

Family support rules vary across military branches

Spousal support and child support often take center stage in divorce. Whether spouses reach an agreement on their own or need a court order, both sides have an interest in finding the right support amount. Military service members also must consider regulations in their branch of service. Each military service, in some way, requires its members to support their families.  

Frequently asked questions about dividing military pensions

Divorce is rarely an easy process. For military service members, divorce issues often become more complicated than usual. We frequently encounter questions relating to the division of retirement pensions for service members who get divorced.

Three things to know about parenting time interference

For many people, the toughest part of a divorce is finding a child custody arrangement both parents are happy with. Between scheduling, traveling, and the emotional toll of splitting up, it is easy for resentment to grow. Parents might be tempted to keep their child away from their ex, whether as payback for missing support or because they don’t agree with the other parent’s choices for the child.

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