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What parents can do when the other party violates a custody order

In a previous post, we discussed some of the ways a parent might violate an existing custody or visitation order. Whether someone blatantly acts against the order, ignores attempts to communicate, or is consistently late dropping the child off, they are not following the custody arrangement.

It is understandable for parents in this situation to be upset. However, there are a few things you can do:

Document violations

In the event you must ask a court to enforce your custody or visitation order, it helps to have proof to support your claims. If custody exchanges are supposed to happen in a specific place, like a gas station, purchase something and get a receipt. That way, you have proof that you were present at the right time.

If your child’s other parent is hindering communication between you and your child, take screenshots of text conversations or call history.

Talk to your attorney

Sometimes a violation or interference with custody stems from a misunderstanding. In some cases, a letter from your attorney to the other party’s attorney can help clear the air. The other attorney can explain the importance of following the order to your child’s parent, or the attorneys can help you create a plan that will avoid these issues.

File a motion with the court

Unfortunately, in some cases, parents cannot resolve custody and parenting time issues on their own. If necessary, you can file a motion with the local courts to enforce your custody order. An Alabama family law attorney can help you decide the right steps for your situation.

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