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3 financial divorce terms you should know

For most people going through a divorce, this is the first time that they hear certain terms and legal phrases. Because courtroom jargon can be obscure, divorcees may feel like they don’t have full control over this big life transition.

Is divorce in your genes?

Much like eye color, a recent international study found a possible link between genetics and happily ever after. The transmission of traits from parents to offspring can have a significant impact on whether we stay married or call it quits. While there is no one gene that indicates a higher probability that you are destined for divorce, there is an overall measure of genetic family risk.

Mediation may help children cope with divorce

Divorce mediation is an option that tends to alleviate the high amounts of strife and legal contention associated with divorce. When parents divorce amicably, it often helps children make a more healthy transition into their new life. Mediation is an alternative approach to ending marital ties that focuses on reaching mutual agreements with the help of a neutral third party.

Navigating child support after a military divorce

A military divorce is a process that’s in many ways unique from its civilian counterpart. As a service member is not an average citizen, the terms need to be tailored to the challenges of military life for all those involved. For families that find themselves dealing with the aftermath of a military divorce, the issue of child support is also, in some ways, distinct from civilian guidelines.

Why do I need visitation rights to see my grandchildren?

As a parent, one of the biggest joys in life is seeing your child have their own. Alabama law sides with parents when it comes to granting, reducing or denying visitation with grandchildren. If your relationship with one or both of the parents is strained, spending time with your grandchildren after their parents have divorced can be uncomfortable. Fighting for visitation is common amongst parents, but can be applied to other cases where family members wish to remain connected.

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