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Child custody considerations for military parents

Taking a child custody issue through the courts is rarely an easy process. And for parents on active military service, custody and visitation can be especially challenging. It can sometimes feel as if military service puts a parent in an unfavorable position when it comes to getting custody, but both state and federal laws provide help for military parents.

Alabama family law: What is a GAL?

In Alabama child custody disputes, parents might hear the acronym “GAL” and wonder not only what it means, but how it will impact their custody arrangement. “GAL” refers to Guardians ad Litem, representatives assigned to children in contested custody disputes to ensure their best interests are protected.

Thinking of moving? How it could impact your custody arrangement

Whether a move comes as a result of a new job or a desire for a new start, most of us would assume we are free to relocate where ever we please. However, parents who share custody or visitation need to think about how the move might impact the child custody agreement they are currently in with their ex.

Do grandparents in Alabama have visitation rights?

A grandparent can occupy a very special place in a child’s life. They might act as a caregiver, a teacher, and a support system. In some cases, a child’s parents may not be able to provide a safe and happy environment for their child. When that happens, a grandparent can find themselves in a complex position. They hate to see their child struggle, but they worry about the impact the situation will have on their grandchild.

What parents can do when the other party violates a custody order

In a previous post, we discussed some of the ways a parent might violate an existing custody or visitation order. Whether someone blatantly acts against the order, ignores attempts to communicate, or is consistently late dropping the child off, they are not following the custody arrangement.

Three things to know about parenting time interference

For many people, the toughest part of a divorce is finding a child custody arrangement both parents are happy with. Between scheduling, traveling, and the emotional toll of splitting up, it is easy for resentment to grow. Parents might be tempted to keep their child away from their ex, whether as payback for missing support or because they don’t agree with the other parent’s choices for the child.

How parental alienation can affect child custody

Every year, there are numerous Alabama residents who file for divorce or separation. Some are able to make it through either of these processes in a relatively peaceful manner and even maintain civil relationships after the fact -- which is important when a couple shares custody of their children. Unfortunately, there are those whose divorce or separation experiences are far from civil and children end up being used as pawns. Depending on the actions of either spouse, child custody terms may be affected.

Child custody, who decides how it will work out?

No one plans for their marriage to end in divorce. It is something that just happens after a relationship has run its course. There is certainly nothing wrong with two people wanting something better for themselves, but figuring out how the split will work out can be difficult, particularly if there are children involved. When it comes to child custody, in the state of Alabama, who gets to set the terms?

Ways to make joint child custody easier to manage

Having negative feelings toward one's ex is common after divorce. These feelings can make managing a joint child custody arrangement somewhat difficult. Here are some things Alabama residents who have this type of custody plan in place can do to make it work for everyone involved.

Child custody arrangements for a child's safety

It would be nice to believe that every parent is good to their children. That, when with either parent, a child is in a safe place. Unfortunately, that is not the case. When going through a divorce or when separating from a significant other and there are concerns about a child's safety, Alabama residents can fight for child custody arrangements that ensure their children are in a good living situation.

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