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3 approaches to alimony in Alabama

Payments made by one spouse to another after divorce goes by many names: alimony, spousal support, and spousal maintenance to name a few. Moreover, for as many names as this arrangement has, there are as many, or more, different ways it can apply in a given case. Today, we cover three types of alimony available in Alabama.

What happens to my estate plan after a divorce?

Divorce impacts nearly every aspect of someone’s life, from their emotional health to their finances. One area that may not be at the front of someone’s mind is the impact of a divorce on their estate plan. Few among us would want our ex-spouse to inherit property in the same way we wished during the marriage. However, without updating estate planning documents, things might not work out the way you intended.

Dividing digital assets in divorce

It is often easy to see how division of tangible assets will work out in a divorce. Furniture pieces can go to separate homes, the house sold, and the vinyl record collection negotiated for. Digital property, on the other hand, presents more of a challenge. What will happen to a shared Amazon movie collection, or your joint iTunes account?

Three things to know about property division in divorce

Property division is right up there with child custody when it comes to contentious divorce issues. Many people are afraid of losing valuable assets, or how they will adjust to a new lifestyle. Will you have to leave your home? What happens to your debt? These are important questions, and uncertainty about the future only adds to the stress of divorce.

There is more than one way to divorce -- which is right for you?

When preparing to end one's marriage, figuring out the best way to do it can be a challenge. Not everyone wants to go to court, not everyone feels the need for attorney assistance, and not everyone will benefit from alternative dispute resolution methods. That is why Alabama residents have a number of options available to them, so they can divorce how they want to.

In some cases, divorce can get messy really quick

No one gets married with a plan to get divorced down the line. Relationships end for a number of reasons and sometimes divorce is just the best way for each party to pick up and move on. Some Alabama residents are able to make it through the dissolution process relatively fast and with little drama. Others, though, will find that divorce can get messy really quick.

Bifurcated divorce -- celebrities can get it, can I?

Alabama residents who are into reading celebrity news have likely heard about the recent turn of events in the Jolie-Pitt divorce case. The former couple is reportedly asking a judge to grant a bifurcated divorce. Not too many Alabama residents have probably heard of this, but now people want to know exactly what it is and if it is something they can do as well.

In divorce, who is responsible for shared credit card debt?

When couples in Alabama and elsewhere are ending their marriages, they take the time to figure out the positive assets with which they will walk away. Everyone wants a fair property division settlement. Not too many people stop to consider what negative assets they will end up with as part of their divorce agreements -- such as shared credit card debt.

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