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How to begin the military divorce process

In many ways, military divorce differs very little from civilian divorce. There are still many different issues to sort through, such as child custody, child support, and property division. However, the beginning of the process, choosing where to file for divorce, is more complicated for couples involved with the military.

Family support rules vary across military branches

Spousal support and child support often take center stage in divorce. Whether spouses reach an agreement on their own or need a court order, both sides have an interest in finding the right support amount. Military service members also must consider regulations in their branch of service. Each military service, in some way, requires its members to support their families.  

Frequently asked questions about dividing military pensions

Divorce is rarely an easy process. For military service members, divorce issues often become more complicated than usual. We frequently encounter questions relating to the division of retirement pensions for service members who get divorced.

JAG is no use in a military divorce

Military members who need legal counsel for a number of issues often turn to their Judge Advocate General's department for assistance. While the lawyers in this office can assist with a lot, divorce is not something that they handle. Some aspects of military divorce can be more complicated than what civilians have to deal with. As such, Alabama residents who are members of the armed forces or their spouses and have interest in ending their marriages can help themselves by seeking legal counsel who has experience tackling military divorce cases.

Joint custody often a problem in military divorce

There are quite a few Alabama residents who are members of the armed forces. They put their lives on the line to protect the country, and sometimes, their family lives suffer from their service. Numerous military service members end up getting divorced. For those who have children, the want of joint custody may be an issue in military divorce.

Is child support treated differently in a military divorce?

Child support is often a contentious topic in divorce. Parents know that they need to continue supporting their children when the marriage ends, but figuring out who is responsible for how much is to be paid and how support is to be paid can be a struggle. Alabama residents who serve or have spouses who serve in the military may wonder if child support is treated differently in military divorce cases, as some things are. The truth is, it does differ slightly, but not in the way one would think.

Getting through a military divorce

Joining the armed forces or marrying someone who has is an honorable thing. Military life is hard, particularly on families. Sadly, many service members' marriages end in divorce. Alabama residents who are looking at a military divorce may need help getting through it. Not all attorneys are familiar with the differences between a military and civilian divorce, though. 

Making visitation work after a military divorce

Alabama has its fair share of residents who are service members in various branches of the armed forces. This means that they tend to spend a great deal of time away from their families for their jobs. When these individuals' marriages fall apart, some aspects of the divorce can be more challenging to figure out than they are for civilians. An attorney with experience handling military divorce would be good to have on one's side while working through the dissolution process.

Military divorce and the non-military member spouse

Alabama residents who are preparing to go through the divorce process may feel overwhelmed by it. This is particularly true for those going through a military divorce. While the overall process is the same as the civilian dissolution process, there are special concerns that affect non-military member spouses.

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